Corporate and mobile massage company Sheer Bliss launched a "virtual reality massage" (a massage that incorporates a virtual reality headset, rather than a massage delivered only in virtual reality) in mid-2018.

We tried out its promise of a "vacation at your desk" for ourselves. This is what it was like.

The therapists arrive with a set of equipment, and the electronics take only a couple of minutes to get ready.

The entire setup is mobile enough to be used anywhere you have enough chairs; we didn't need to mess around with power cords or any other infrastructure.

The process is open-plan-office friendly: no exposed flesh, just some slightly ridiculous looking face masks that go beneath the VR headsets.

For spectators, the best part is watching colleagues gawk, unselfconsciously, at the VR environments they're presented with.

Sheer Bliss looking around

Which works a little better while getting a hand massage than it does while getting a neck massage.

Sheer Bliss hands

Our testers admitted that they grew more than a little distracted, missing out on some of the joy of the massage because the VR environments were so enticing. But the distraction paid off: once they emerged, none of our three testers would believe how brief the actual massages had been, describing levels of relaxation far beyond what they had expected – especially after never leaving the office.

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