• British Prime Minister Theresa May, who is on a visit to SA, showed off her dance moves in Cape Town on Tuesday.
  • Learners at a Gugulethu high school were treated to a medley of moves, one of which was swaying side-to-side.
  • Dance experts, including a Strictly Come Dancing judge, have some tips for improvement.

British Prime Minister Theresa May, who is on a visit to South Africa, got into the groove at a Gugulethu high school on Tuesday.

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Learners at ID Mkhize High School were treated to a spectacle, as May shuffled side-to-side and pulled off what resembled the iconic Madiba dance.

Business Insider South Africa asked two local dance experts, including a Strictly Come Dancing judge, to weigh in on her moves.

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Both Jack Mawasha, choreographer and CEO of Limpopo-based Jama Studios, and Salome Sechele, a judge on SABC2's Strictly Come Dancing, said they were quite impressed by May's moves. 

Their scores out of 10...

Scoring: 8/10.

Both dancing experts scored the Prime Minister an eight. Sechele applauds May for "being on time with the beat, making for great synchronization."

"Even her expression is good," Mawasha said. 

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They have these tips for her to improve her moves: 


Footwork is important - if you're not moving your feet, then you're not making effective use of your whole body and movements are not completed. Take care of transferring your weight between feet, which will allow you to lift one foot up.  

Use your face

Dancing is fun and facial expression should convey this, so smile and get your whole face involved. Being relaxed is also key - a hack for this is to relax your jaw and tongue inside the mouth.

Hip work

Swinging hips side-to-side is all it takes. Circling the hips left-to-right and going up-and-down while at it. Abdominal muscles should be kept tight and engaged for hip dances.

The sway of hips must also be loosened. A hack is to stand with feet no closer than shoulder-width apart when doing hip dances for maximum freedom of movement. 



The ability to express the music can be improved by moving to music at certain moments to create timing like moving quickly (or slowly) to an up or down-tempo beat. Clapping hands to the beat will also help. 

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