Uber is offering discounts on trips to polling stations on Wednesday – even if it is being slightly cheap compared to 2016

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  • Uber is offering discounted rides to and from polling stations for the national and provincial elections on Wednesday.
  • You can get a total of R50 off, which can cover much of the total cost for many voters.
  • But the discount is slightly smaller compared to the 2016 local government elections.
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Uber plans to offer special discounts for taxi trips to and from polling stations during the national and provincial election on 8 May.

The maximum discount is slightly lower than the special offer during South Africa's 2016 local government elections, but still high enough to cover most of the trip for those in regular-sized voting districts, where voting stations are typically close to voters' homes.

Uber joins the likes of Wimpy, which is giving away free coffee to voters on Wednesday, in putting money directly into promoting South Africans to cast their ballots, while other companies are using more roundabout campaigns to encourage voter turnout.

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The Uber promotion is good for a R25 discount on one trip to a polling station, and one return trip from a polling station, for a total giveaway of R50. The discount is available in Johannesburg, Tshwane, Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth, and is due to be active between 7AM and 9PM, the opening times for voting stations.

In 2016, during South Africa's last local government elections, Uber offered a total R60 discount on trips for voters. Asked why it has dropped the promotion – while its rates have increased since 2016 – Uber said only that polling stations are usually located close to homes. 

To activate the discount, go to the "Payment" menu option in the Uber app and scroll down to the "Add Promo Code" option, under the heading "Promotions". The discount voucher code is "VOTESA2019".

The discounts are due to automatically apply to a trip to a voting station, once the promo code is active.

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