Uber Elevate partner Bell unveiled its first flying taxi model, the Bell Nexus, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019).

The Bell Nexus is designed to carry four passengers and one pilot as part of Uber's air taxi service, UberAir, which is slated to start in 2023.

Bell Nexus. Photo Bell

“It’s the centrepiece of our on-demand mobility philosophy. That is moving people and things from point A to point B in a more on-demand sense," said Scott Drennan, vice president of innovation at Bell

The Bell Nexus is a hybrid-electric system that propels through the air. It has six tilting fans that provide for a better noise-performance and power-performance.

Drennan says it can go as fast as 200 kilometres per hour with a range of 200 km.

Realistically the taxi could be ready for use by 2025. 

There is also scope for autonomous flights in the future, where a pilot won't be necessary.

"We believe that customers will expect there to be a pilot to be on board with them in the early stages. As soon as we get all the data we need and people are starting to be a little more comfortable with the idea of having it in their lives every day, we'll pull the pilot out and have a fully autonomous vehicle," said Drennan.

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