• Uber has deployed private security guards at all Gautrain stations. 
  • Drivers and passengers have been intimidated by metered taxi drivers, and Uber says its drivers are no longer allowed to pick up inside station premises. 
  • Uber users will be alerted to go to zones protected by private security when they use the app at any Gautrain. 
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Uber, South Africa’s largest e-hailing platform, has created secure zones protect by private security guards near all Gautrain stations in a bid to curb violence. 

Uber drivers and passengers have regularly faced intimidation by metered taxi drivers, and Gautrain stations have been particular targets. 

Uber told Business Insider South Africa that its drivers were previously able to operate inside Gautrain stations, but have recently been prohibited from doing so. 

“We reacted the best we could within our power by implementing additional private security for on-site monitoring and dedicated pick-up zones to ensure reliable pickup and drops off,” Uber said. 

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When passengers order an Uber from a Gautrain station, they will be directed to specific pick-up and drop-off zones protected by private security guards, Uber said. 

Uber said a "law enforcement relations team" is also on standby if police intervention is required, and drivers and passengers will also be warned to be highly vigilant at all times near stations.

But the e-hailing service warned that it is not a security company and that the help of law enforcement agencies and the Gautrain is required to solve the problem at stations.