South Africans hate tomatoes, and many will pay extra to have pap delivered, says Uber Eats survey

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  • The first-ever Uber Eats Cravings Report has been released.
  • It shows a great love of pap and extra-hot flavours, as well as a deep dislike for mayonnaise and tomatoes.
  • The report also found South Africans are incredibly generous.
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South Africans hate tomatoes, aren’t keen on mayonnaise and often request a chakalaka base on pizza, according to the very first Uber Eats Cravings report.

More than 200,000 orders placed over the last year stipulated that tomatoes be removed.

(Facebook, Uber Eats ZA)
(Facebook, Uber Eats ZA)

A number of restaurants have adapted their menus to suit the local South African palate, and at least 1,000 orders have requested that traditional starches be replaced with pap.

"The local staple is loved so much, customers are willing to pay an additional restaurant fee to have it delivered with their meal," says Uber Eats.

Mayonnaise is the least favourite condiment and garnishes such as lettuce and onion are not far behind.  

It also shows that chakalaka and atchaar are the most preferred to replace chilli relish or BBQ sauce.

(Instagram, @ubereats_za)
(Instagram, @ubereats_za)

According to the report, the spicier the better for many South Africans. Customers often prefer extra hot when selecting their heat preference.

Orders spike around exam times, or celebratory occasions like Valentine's Day, sport events and graduations, amongst others, the survey found.

Uber Eats
(Uber Eats)

South Africans are also generous, according to the report. Customers often request that parts of their orders like chips, coffee and rolls be given to the delivery-partners on pick up, so drivers can enjoy while it’s still warm.

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