Uber Eats Pass
  • Uber Eats Pass is now available in South Africa.
  • The pass entitles you to unlimited free deliveries – for a R50 subscription fee every month.
  • Currently, Uber Eats typically charges between R5 and R15 per delivery.
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Uber Eats customers in South Africa can now get unlimited free delivery through a monthly subscription service, the company announced in an email sent to customers on Friday.

The service, Uber Eats Pass, will cost R50 a month. It includes any restaurant listed on its service within your area.

There is just one big catch: each order must be worth at least R80 for the pass to apply.

The pass also applies to your area of delivery; if you travel outside your home city, you'll pay delivery fees again.

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 “Eats Pass is your ticket to unlimited free delivery from any restaurant in your city, at any time,” the company said in the email notification.

Currently, Uber Eats typically charges between R5 and R15 per delivery.

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The company is currently offering a free two-month trial if you sign up before 31 December. Customers can cancel the subscription at anytime.

Users can sign up to Eats Pass through the Uber Eats app.

The offer was first spotted in May by Jane Manchun Wong for users in in the United States.

(Compiled by Estrelita Moses.)

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