• The department of tourism said all food delivery services and restaurants have to be closed during the lockdown. 
  • This means Uber Eats and Mr D Food will not be operational during the lockdown. 
  • President Cyril Ramaphosa ordered that South Africa be on lockdown for 21 days starting on Friday to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.  
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All major food delivery services, including Uber Eats and Mr D Food, and restaurants will have to close during the national lockdown starting on Friday, the department of tourism confirmed.

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday evening announced that South Africa would be put on lockdown, starting from midnight on Thursday in a bid to slow down the spread of coronavirus, or SARS-Cov-2, in the country. 

The lockdown will shut down most South African industries, aside from essential services in safety and security, food and distribution and telecommunications and electricity. 

All South Africans will be urged to stay at home and avoid physical contact during this time.

The department of tourism said essential services do not include restaurants, cafes, bars and coffee shops and they will, therefore, have to be closed for the duration of the lockdown. 

All food services will also need to be suspended for 21 days after the lockdown has been enforced, the department said. 

The South African government has extended a number of interventions to help small businesses during the lockdown, but it is unclear how service personnel such as waiters, who predominantly rely on tips for income, will be helped during this period. 

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(Compiled by James de Villiers)