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Uber Eats is experimenting with its fees in Johannesburg, and you can now pay only R5 for food delivered to your door – or up to R35 for booze

Phillip de Wet , Business Insider SA
 Aug 06, 2019, 07:02 AM
Uber Eats delivery fees
  • Uber Eats customers in Johannesburg are now paying as little as R5 to get food delivered to their doors – and up to R35 for booze.
  • The delivery fee used to be a flat R10.
  • Uber says the differentiated prices are based on distance, and form part of a pilot.
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Uber Eats has ditched its flat delivery fee for at least some of its customers, in Johannesburg, in favour of dynamic pricing apparently ranging from as little as R5 to as much as R35.

To date the service has been priced at a flat fee of R10, which is still reflected on its website.

Uber Eats R10 fee

But for deliveries in part of Johannesburg the fees now range from R5, the lowest we could find on the app in the Auckland Park area, and a price available on many nearby fast food outlets, to as much as R35 for delivery of booze from a liquor specialist.

The vast majority of prices varied between R5 and R15, however.

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Uber Eats did not say how fees are calculated, or how close a customer has to be to a restaurant for the new R5 fee to apply.

But responding to Business Insider South Africa, the company said it is piloting a new delivery fee structure in Johannesburg.

"Delivery fees will be more affordable for users who order from nearby restaurants while maintaining access to restaurants further away at a slightly higher price," Uber Eats said.

Uber Eats is in fierce competition with the Mr D Food service and OrderIn, in a market that all statistics suggest is growing rapidly – and could be highly lucrative for a dominant player if any should emerge.

Mr D charges a flat fee of R15 for deliveries, and according to OrderIn call centre its fee is typically R15, with an occasional restaurant charging R20.

In March e-hailing company Bolt, previously known as Taxify, announced it too would enter the South African market for fast food delivery. 

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