This Uber driver's ride menu is going viral.
  • An Uber driver from Seattle in the US, named George Ure is going viral for offering passengers a "Ride Type Menu."
  • Riders can choose from five ride types, including "The Silent Ride," "The Therapy Ride," "The Rude Ride," "The Creepy Ride," and "The Stand Up."
  • The menu went viral after passenger Luis Arguijo posted a photo of the menu on Twitter.
  • Ure and Arguijo told INSIDER they're both surprised and grateful for the viral response to the ride menu.

Uber rides can be an unpredictable experience for both the rider and driver. However, one Uber driver in Seattle, Washington, seems to have found a way to provide a custom ride experience for each of his passengers.

George Ure, 38, created a "Ride Type Menu" to hand to his riders, which quickly went viral when Luis Arguijo, 21, tweeted a photo of the options provided.

The tweet has over 500,000 likes and 100,000 retweets at the time of this post, and people are loving the hilarious options on the menu

While a "Silent Ride" option is provided for those who wish to stay quiet, Ure also offers four other options for those looking for more interaction. "The Stand Up" ride involves Ure telling funny stories, while "The Therapy Ride" consists of Ure simply lending an ear to those who just need someone to talk to.

For those wanting a more unsettling experience, "The Creepy Ride" involves Ure simply staring at you in the rearview mirror from time to time, while "The Rude Ride" gives the driver permission to be as rude as possible.

Ure told INSIDER that he came up with the idea as a joke to make his riders laugh at first, but suddenly realized it was actually a good idea

So far, he says "The Silent Ride" and "The Stand Up" have been the most popular with his passengers.

"The Silent Ride is popular with the going to or coming from work crowd," Ure, who says he also works as an emergency medical technician, told INSIDER. "And The Stand Up is more popular with the weekend having fun-type crowd."

Ure says his favourite of the five rides all depends on his passengers.

"My favorite menu option is thue one you want," Ure said. "I want to give an awesome ride [whether] that means I make you laugh, be silent, or help you hide a body. The rider comes first."

Ure says there are two options he would probably choose based on his mood if he was in the passenger's seat.

"Coming home from a shift working in healthcare I'd order The Silent Ride for sure," he told INSIDER. "Decompression is a must, plus working saving lives and/or fighting disease takes a toll on you over the course of the day. On a weekend I'd order the craziest thing on the menu. I'd ask for The Rude Ride and beg for the driver to offend me."

As for the passenger that made him go viral, he and his friends decided to go with "The Therapy Ride" after a night out at a pub because "we all just needed someone to talk to."

"[George] was actually a great listener and understanding of our situations, he was very wise," Arguijo told INSIDER about his ride with Ure. "I think it went well for me and my friends."

Arguijo said he and his friends thought it was 'the coolest thing' when Ure handed them the menu, and he thinks others drivers should follow suit

"I think if all Ubers used this it'll probably help the ride go smoothly," Arfuijo said. "But also it was the unexpected part of the ride that really made us love it. We never expected that menu so that's what made it our coolest Uber ride yet."

Arguijo says he's surprised to see his tweet go so viral, but is excited for the recognition Ure is getting.

"George is a genuine guy and he deserves all the love it's gotten," he said. "I gave George five stars and I think everyone else should too. He's the best."

Ure also recently launched a GoFundMe campaign shortly after his viral success, and says he intends to use the money to help upgrade his current manual transmission vehicle - which he says he finds difficult to deal with on the streets of Seattle - to an automatic transmission. Though he says is grateful for the support so far, he claims he has mixed feelings about starting the campaign.

"I am VERY grateful for everyone who has contributed, however I am 100% sure they're WAY more important causes to donate to," Ure said. "In fact, I am sort of wishing I didn't start it in the first place."

As for his newfound internet fame, Ure says he is appreciating the moment but admits he is ready to get back to his typical routine, and focus on his job as a paramedic.

"This whole going viral thing is fun for now but I can't wait to get back to my usual grind," Ure said. "I've been famous with all my patients for over a decade. That kind of lesser known - but more important - fame is OK with me."

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