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  • Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, begins his days at 5am and ends them at 11pm.
  • He recently shared on Twitter that throughout his busy day, he uses iOS Notes, which is free on all Apple products, to "think through stuff, draft, remind, record, and doodle". 
  • Meticulous note-taking is something everyone can practice to get ahead.

There are a slew of downloadable productivity apps available for those looking to reflect, take notes, and streamline their workdays.

But Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, sticks to iOS Notes, a free app that comes installed on every iPhone.

He recently explained what he uses it for in a tweet:

Dorsey said he uses his iOS Notes to document much of his thought process and to stay on top things. The app is free on all Apple products and syncs across users' iClouds. 

And iOS Notes isn't the only free note-taking app that Dorsey has praised. Dorsey shared in April that his team begins each meeting with reading and commenting on a Google Doc.

"This practice makes time for everyone to get on same page, allows us to work from many locations, and gets to truth/critical thinking faster," Dorsey tweeted

Clearly, the busy CEO is a fan of taking meticulous notes.

And it's a simple but effective strategy just about anybody can use to get ahead in their career.

Having frank and frequent discussions with your boss and writing everything you discuss down should provide a clear roadmap for where and how you can improve.

And as Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of "Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant," previously told Business Insider, it's always a good idea to keep an electronic file of your work, correspondence, and kudos.

"It can come in handy if you have a boss with no legitimate reason to fire you," she told Business Insider. "Also keep kudos that have accumulated from managers, clients, colleagues, business associates, and vendors. You will be well-prepared should you need to refute a poor evaluation."

On the flip side, should you need to make a case for a raise or promotion, these notes will also come in handy.

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