• Twitter suffered a major outage around the world on Thursday night. 
  • This came shortly after trouble for Facebook and its related services that were related to Cloudflare.
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A week after Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down in South Africa and around the world, Twitter suffered similar problems on Thursday night.

From just before 21:00 on Thursday in South Africa, Twitter pages failed to update.

Twitter acknowledged a "service disruption" on its website, and later confirmed that the interruption was due to an internal system change:

The Twitter service appeared to be restored by 22:00 on Thursday night, and users were quick to comment on the impact of the outage:

The network issues on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram last week were likely caused by US internet-service hosting platform Cloudflare, technology analyst Arthur Goldstuck told Business Insider SA.

Last week, users were able to launch the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram sites, but they couldn't load content to the social media platforms.  If someone tries to post something, an error message appears saying  "Photo Can't Be Posted". Adverts on the platforms appear also not to be loading.

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Twitter experienced similar problems on Thursday: The site was live, but tweets were not loading:

A Twitter page on Thursday night.


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