Two Time Magazine covers featuring Apartheid prime minister HF Verwoerd and US president Donald Trump (YouTube,Time)
  • The South African advertising authority believes an advert by the Apartheid Museum could be misleading.
  • The advert apparently uses quotes falsely attributed to US President Donald Trump and apartheid prime minister HF Verwoerd.
  • The advert won Gold at the Loerie awards on Saturday. 

It seems like the Loerie-award winning Trump-vs-Verwoerd Apartheid Museum radio advert is “possibly misleading and unsubstantiated”, the Advertising Standard Authority of South Africa (ASA) said on Friday afternoon. 

This after The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield on Thursday raised questions about the quotes the advert attributed to US President Donald Trump and apartheid prime minister HF Verwoerd.

ASA CEO Gail Schimmel said the advert appears to contravene the agency’s advertising code for being misleading, and can, therefore, be removed from the air.

UPDATE: 7 quotes in the Trump-Verwoerd Apartheid Museum radio spot appear to be fake, ad agency admits

“We have, however, not received any complaint about the advertisement and therefore cannot launch an investigation,” Schimmel told Business Insider South Africa. 

“We only investigate ads where complaints are lodged, because we simply don’t have the resources to investigate everything, and to avoid a perception that we are biased in who we investigate.” 

The Apartheid Museum and TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg, the agency responsible for the advert, has not responded to repeated requests for comment. 

The radio advert, titled “Verwoerd”, juxtaposes apparent quotes from Verwoerd with apparent quotes from Trump. 

After the Verwoerd voice proclaims that “blacks cannot rule themselves”, and “let us all accept that the black man is the symbol of mental inferiority and laziness”, Trump follows saying: "Laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that.”

"If the words of apartheid prime minister Doctor HF Verwoerd and President of the United States Donald J Trump taught us anything, it’s that there's never been a better time to learn from the mistakes of our past,” the ad declares, before calling on people to visit the Apartheid Museum. 

The quotes used for Verwoerd, however, appears to come from a speech attributed to apartheid prime minister PW Botha, but the entire "speech" is reportedly a hoax.

The Trump quote, which comes from the 1991 book Trumped, has also not been substantiated, and should be viewed with some scepticism, the Washington Post reported two years ago. 

Following the revelations, the Loeries said it is reviewing the entry from TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg – which received gold at a gala event in Durban on Saturday. 

“As soon as this is done more information will be provided,” spokesperson Jennifer Kann told Business Insider South Africa. 

South Africans can lodge a complaint at the ASA by completing an online form here.

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