A composite image of screenshots from the livesteam, which show the journalist's report, the moment the phone was stolen, and the video pointed at the thief's face as he drives away.
  • Tens of thousands of people watched live as a reporter's phone was stolen during a broadcast.
  • The thief kept filming as he sped away, still broadcasting live.
  • The reporter was filming after a magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Greece was felt in Egypt.
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A video shows the moment a reporter in Egypt had his phone stolen while using it to livestream an earthquake in the country.

An earthquake, measured by the US Geological Survey as magnitude 6.0, struck off the Greek island of Karpathos early on Tuesday, and was felt in a host of nearby countries, including Egypt, Reuters reported.

A reporter for Egyptian news outlet Youm7 was filming live on Tuesday when a man on a motorbike or moped swiped his phone and drove away with it. The man kept filming, with the camera pointed up toward his face, as he sped away.

Watch the footage here:

Youm-7 reported that the journalist was Mahmoud Ragheb, and that he was working on a bridge in the city of Shubra Al-Khaimah when his phone was taken.

"Tens of thousands" of people were watching live as it was stolen, the outlet said.

There were no immediate reports of the earthquake causing casualties or major damage anywhere, according to Reuters.

Youm7 said it contacted law-enforcement authorities over the theft.

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