Google Maps rolls out Lists to let you plan your entire trip in-app


Cape Town - There are so many new travel apps and gadgets out there, that it is sometimes hard to keep track of where and how to plan the best trip. 

But we say 'Keep it simple' and more importantly, 'Keep it in all in one place'. 

Google understands this, as they have added a lovely little new feature to their loved and trusted Google Maps app, which now makes travel and travel planning easier. 

Google’s new Lists feature lets you save spots you’d like to visit into clear-cut maps that you can build over time and use when you travel - whether this be to highlight and share favourite bars and restaurants in your home town, or to plan a weekend breakaway ahead of departure. 

It's easy to use. When you're in the app, all you need to do is: 

Search for a spot in the Maps app, a restaurant, bar or landmark you'd like to visit
Give it a more personalised name (if you want). For example, save places under names that make sense to you, like "Best rated spot for pizza in Cape Town" or "Lara's recommendation for cocktails"
Click “save” to add it to one of your lists

Check it out - 

You can also share your lists with friends.

We're still loving the other niche travel apps out there, don't get us wrong. 

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But you can't deny how very convenient the new List function is, as it gives the vast number of travellers who are already using Google Maps another level of functionality from the app. 

The List function is being rolled out from the week of 13 February, so keep your eyes peeled. 

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