Viva! SAA passenger donning a proudly South African Speedo checks in at Malawi airport


Cape Town - The South African colours were well-represented on recent South African Airways flight from Malawi back home after a local bloke, Greig Bannatyne, attempted to board his flight in nothing but flip-flops and his itsy-bitsy Speedo - donning a proud SA flag, of course.  

The incident came about after Greig reportedly forgot to pack a change of clothes to the charity swim he and his Mad Swimmers teammates were participating at in Lake Malawi. 

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Instead of borrowing their friend a shirt and shorts, his teammates vowed to donate money to charity if he agreed to fly home nearly naked. 

Greig accepted the challenge like any brave South African would, but was stopped by security prior to his SAA flight.

He explained to officials that he was participating in a charity swim across Lake Malawi with his Mad Swimmers team and that he forgot to bring a change of clothes. 

Unfortunately, the security guards informed the group that he could not board the aircraft without clothes, Bannatyne told Caters.

He says police and officials at the airport were very friendly in trying to understand what was going on. Unfortunately, as the group didn’t have any official papers validating their impromptu charity drive, they requested that Greig cover up. 

Despite this, his journey earned more than R35 000 in donations. 

The Mad Swimmers donate all money raised from their events — and hilarious stunts — to charities and orphanages.

Although we have been grossed out this year by many a Shameless Passenger's in-flight shenanigans, Greig's proudly South African stunt doesn't leave a bad taste. If anything, he would surely make our list of The Best of Aviation in 2016... 

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