WATCH: Engine explodes mid-air as birds strike Lufthansa flight


Cape Town - A passenger on board a Lufthansa Airbus A321 that took off from Beirut, managed to capture the terrifying moment the aircraft's engine's exploded after hitting a bird.  

The plane, carrying 144 passengers, had just taken off en route to Franfurt when the bird strike occurred, reports Daily Mail

The explosion, which is not audible on the footage below, caused a massive, bright yellow explosion, after which the pilot announced that an emergency landing would follow.  

See the full footage of the Lufhansa passenger here: Bird Strikes Cause Lufthansa Aircraft's Engine To Explode

The YouTuber user, Moophz, who uploaded the footage told wrote that the plane was already over the Mediterranean sea shortly after take-off. He said the passengers heard the sound of two brutal explosions from the engine underneath.

As the incident happened only moments after the plane took off, the pilot turned around and made the emergency landing without a left-wing engine in the Lebanese capital of Beirut again.

The passengers on board the bird-struck plane were booked on another flight the following day, 18 March, and were set up in hotel accommodation for the night.

In the footage the passengers are heard clapping in relief as the pilot managed to land the plane safely on the ground again. 

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