WATCH: World champ's narrow escape as hang glider breaks mid-air


Cape Town - Hang gliding must be one of the most thrilling experiences, as masters of this extreme sport get to experience the soaring freedom that not many will get to experience.

Although hang gliding has progressed over the years and is considered to be safe, there is always room for error and even the most experienced flyers can run into danger.

At the recent Ekstremsportveko show, an extreme sports week in Norway, hang gliding world champion, Jon Gjerde, had a narrow escape as his hang glider broke mid-flight.

Luckily, Gjerde launched his parachute and escaped with only minor injuries.

Popular Mechanics reports that deploying a parachute while hang gliding is no easy task as the the parachute is attached to the glider and not to the person. Gjerde had to locate the parachute in the glider's frame, throw the chute clear of the hang glider in order for it to deploy properly - a giant task while spinning out of control.

Side-by-side GoPro footage, as well as footage shot from below, show a terrifying display as Gjerde plummets towards a lake:

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