PICS | 'Buffel' the elephant seal spotted in Cape Point for annual molt


Buffel the elephant seal has been a regular visitor to SA's shores and he has once again made an appearance for his annual molt. 

Marine Conservationist Photographer Jean Tresfon posted these pics over the weekend, detailing his quick visit to Cape Point on Friday to see Buffel.

"This regular visitor to our shores has once again decided to haul out on the Cape coast for his annual molt, this time (and quite aptly so) at Buffels Bay," writes Tresfon. 

"He will most likely stay for about a month as he sheds his now very itchy old skin and will not eat during this time. This is a completely normal process and he is quite healthy.

Elephant seals molt annually shedding not only their hair but also the upper layer of their skin as well. This is known as catastrophic molt, according to the Marine Mammal Centre.

"Females molt in the spring, juveniles in the early summer, and adult males molt in the late summer."

Tresfon who shot his images with mages shot with a 300mm lens says he while he was there quite a few people came to have a look and some came a little too close.

"This is a very large, very wild animal at a fairly vulnerable time in his life. P lease give him the space he needs!"

Buffel the Elephant Seal is a regular visitor to C
Buffel the Elephant Seal is a regular visitor to C

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