Instagrammers Kelly and Kody's ambitious photo stunt.
  • Two travel influencers have defended a photo they posted which drew criticism for being "stupid," "so dangerous," and "so crazy."
  • Kelly Castille and Kody Workman (who run the Instagram account @positravelty) posted a photo showing Kelly hanging off the edge of an infinity pool, held up by Kody.
  • But the couple told INSIDER they felt "very safe" the whole time.

A travel influencer couple has defended an Instagram stunt which involved hanging off the edge of an infinity pool.

Americans Kelly Castille and Kody Workman run the account @positravelty, where they frequently post breathtaking photos from their travels.

However, one recent photo caught more attention than usual amongst their 60,000 followers.

Instagrammers Kelly and Kody's ambitious photo stunt.

The photo featured Kelly, 33, dangling over the edge of an infinity pool, solely held up by Kody, 32, while the couple were also kissing.

Whilst many people were impressed by the snap, taken in Bali, some expressed concern over the stunt.

"To be honest, it makes me a bit scared to see that pics but I love the pics!" commented one person.

"Why is the woman always the one risking themselves for pictures?" asked one follower. "Never see a guy hanging over a cliff."

"I love the picture but I don't think the risk is worth it," added another.

Others branded the picture "stupid," "so dangerous," and "so crazy."

Kelly and Kody post photos from their travels.

But Kelly, from Louisiana, and Kody, from Michigan, insist they made sure she was safe.

"What is probably most surprising to any audience is that this photo was actually Kelly's idea," Kody told INSIDER.

"We are both in good shape, we know our bodies and in turn, we know our limits. We had faith in each other and trust to pull this off and so we made the choice as a team to shoot it.

He went on: "There is a lip, where the ridge of the infinity pool juts out over the wall where Kelly could get a solid grip and place her weight on her forearms. I held her the entire time and if zoomed you can actually see my grip on her arm.

"We have both jumped off of waterfalls and bridges much higher than this infinity pool so the height aspect wasn't a concern for us at all."

They explained that there was actually another pool below Kelly, too.

Incredibly, the duo said they weren't scared "at all" and both felt "very safe."

The couple are no strangers to infinity pools.

"Photography is our creative outlet while we travel and as 'creatives,' a term associated with this avenue of social media, we do our best to create content that we love and are proud of, always pushing ourselves to be unique and challenge our perspectives," they added.

As with all their photos, Kelly and Kody planned and took it themselves: "We shot with our Sony A7iii, tripod, and intervalometer," they said.

"We set the camera to fire every two seconds while we got into position."

The couple met a year and a half ago - Kody had already been travelling for about a year and a half, and Kelly was on the second day of her trip, and they've been travelling together ever since.

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