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  • Trader Joe's crew member Tori Alexander cheered up a toddler who was having a tantrum by singing and dancing with other cashiers.
  • She shared video of the impromptu performance on Facebook, where it went viral.
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Trader Joe's crew members are known for being cheerful, friendly, and easy to spot in their Hawaiian shirts. But one cashier at a Trader Joe's store in Winter Park, Florida, went above and beyond to cheer up a young shopper.

When a toddler named Julian started having a tantrum at checkout, Tori Alexander distracted him by singing "We love you Ju" and dancing with her fellow crew members.

Julian stopped crying and was transfixed by their full-on dance party.

The video of their impromptu performance has since been viewed over 30,000 times.

"IF THERE IS A CRYING CHILD CALL 1-800 Tori the cry stopper," Alexander wrote.

She continued, "I'm extremely thankful for my coworkers. They jumped in and helped me entertain him, which also made the experience even more extraordinary!!"

Alexander and representatives for Trader Joe's did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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