Even the most jaded flyer might find their nails embedded in the armrest when landing at these airports. 

These landing strips aren’t only complicated by extremes in climate, but also seaside cliffs, low visibility, and even volcanic ash. 

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Some complications, like the beachfront at the Princess Juliana Airport on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten, have become tourist destinations themselves, with hundreds flocking to the beach to experience the gush of landing planes.  

In 2017, however, the beach was temporarily closed when a 57-year-old female tourist from New Zealand died from a jet blast from a plane taking off at the Princess Juliana Airport.

Over 170 people have been killed in aviation-related incidents in 2018 alone, compared to the zero fatalities reported in 2017

According to a NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System survey, the force from a plane's jet blast can "up-root trees, flatten building structures, shatter windows, lift and propel heavy objects," further proof that tourists should take the warning signs in the area seriously.

These are the most dangerous airports in the world  

  • Gisborne Airport, New Zealand 
  • Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland 
  • Kansai International Airport, Japan 
  • Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barthelemy 
  • Barra international Airport, Scotland 
  • Wellington airport, New Zealand 
  • Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport 
  • Princess Juliana international Airport, St. Maarten 
  • Courchevel Airport, France 
  • Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Nepal  

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