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This is how you can – in 30 seconds - beat the urge to spend, according to one of SA’s top financial planners

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Promotional emails are created to make it as easy as possible to get between you and your hard-earned money, says Louis van der Merwe, director at Wealthup. 

Van der Merwe was recently named one of South Africa’s top financial planners by the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa. 

“You should avoid putting yourself in a difficult position to not make use of the ‘one-time-only, never-to-be-repeated, sale of the century’,” Van der Merwe told Business Insider South Africa. 

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He suggests consumers use tools such as to unsubscribe from all retail emails. 

Here’s how works: 

1) Visit to use the FREE service 


2) Log in with the relevant email provider you use, from Gmail, to Outlook and Yahoo. 


3) Once you've successfully logged in, the service will identify the number of subscriptions you have 


4) From there you can easily unsubscribe from your emails, or ask the service to create a digest of your least read emails 


5) But be warned, the service only allows you to unsubscribe from five email lists before it asks you to share the service on Facebook. 


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