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Mboweni's Dinner of the Year is an extremely garlicky Lucky Star stew - here are some of his other dishes

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 Dec 31, 2019, 03:02 PM
  • Finance minister Tito Mboweni has just named his own pilchard stew his Dinner Of The Year.
  • He has enjoyed a number of culinary adventures in his kitchen in Limpopo, which have been chronicled via Twitter, and included step-by-step guidelines.
  • Mboweni, whose father was a chef at a Johannesburg hotel, has previously slated "very, very important people" who don't cook for themselves.
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Finance minister Tito Mboweni had his hands full in 2019 as South Africa stared into a fiscal abyss, while state-owned enterprises and the economy lurched from one crisis to another.

But that didn't stand in the way of his culinary adventures in the kitchen, as chronicled via his Twitter account.

This week, he anointed the latest version of his trusted pilchard stew - which includes at least two to three dozen garlic globes - as the Best Dinner of the Year. 

Previously, Mboweni shared step-by-step instructions to putting the stew together:

He also makes a beef stew:

Presentation is key, Mboweni added: 

He also shared his chicken stew recipe earlier this year:

He even uses his own chickens:

He also loves masonja, also known as matamani, mopane or mopani worms. These large edible caterpillars are enjoyed through Southern Africa. Traditionally, they’re preserved by drying them in the sun, and are often served in a tomato sauce.

His top dessert remains the humble banana split:

Here's his kitchen at his Limpopo farm:

Mboweni, whose father was a chef at a Johannesburg hotel, has previously slated "very, very important people" who don't cook for themselves:

Food is clearly important to him, as was clear from an eight-hour interview with the Financial Times this year that included "a hearty breakfast, a magnificent lunch and copious quantities of alcohol". On the menu was steak, chicken, spicy boerewors sausage and a fillet of snoek, as well as a "beautiful" (according to Mboweni) KWV Merlot.

But for all his culinary pursuits, and step-by-step kitchen demonstrations, many of his Twitter followers are only there for the post-curry pictures:

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