The tiny living space was designed to resemble the cockpit of a space capsule.
  • Polydrop has designed a personal on-the-go living space that was inspired by a spaceship.
  • The interior includes a bed, outlets, storage units, a thermostat, and LED lights.
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Polydrop has designed a trailer meant to serve as a personal on-the-go private space.

The spaceship-esque trailer has a one-room cabin with storage units, outlets, and an outdoor kitchenette, and a 48-inch by 75-inch bed that's 5.5 inches thick. There are also LED lights in the shelves above the legroom, and a thermostat, USB charging port, cigarette inlet, and voltage meter underneath it.

The aluminum-skinned trailer also has an 8.7-inch thick wall that protects it from harsh weather, including snow.

While building the previous 2019 model, an insulation test was done in Big Bear, California with a wall that was five inches thinner. The outside temperature hit 35.2 degrees Fahrenheit, but the room temperature inside the trailer without the heater on was 59.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

"What I've designed was not meant to be a camping trailer, but more as a private space that you can travel with," Polydrop founder and CEO Kyunghyun Lew said in a prepared statement.

Take a look at the trailer, which now has four 2020 models:

There are four models for 2020 with different features and specs: K-17, K-19, K-20 Camper, and K-20 Fully Loaded.

The K-17 is $14.495, the K-19 is $15,495, the K-20 Camper is $17,995, and the K-20 Fully Loaded is $19,995.

Polydrop was created when its founder and CEO Kyunghyun Lew and his wife and co-founder Jien Cha’s dreamed of having a comfortable and compact private space while traveling, according to a blog post on its website.

Source: Polydrop

The gull-winged trailer was inspired by a space capsule.

The 100-watt solar charging system and the 12-volt battery supplies power to the trailer.

The KJ-20 model's outdoor kitchen comes with a fridge, hand pump sink, spice rack, cabinet and drawers, and two-burner stoves with vents along with the cooking counter and LED lights.

The K-17 and K-19 includes drawers, cabinets, and a slider space for a cooler.

Interior cubby holes serve as storage space and are illuminated with hidden LED lights.

There's a USB charging port, cigarette inlet, and voltage meter are inside in all of the models.

The body of the trailer is 149 inches long and 65.6 inches wide. The interior height is 42.5 inches tall.

There are four separate security cameras outside of the trailer in the K-20 Fully Loaded model.

The K-20 Fully Loaded also comes with a ceiling fan and a 5,000 BTU air conditioning unit. For more temperature control, there's a heater with a thermostat and insulated interior window covers.

The model also comes with a roof rack, road shower, and awning.

“What I’ve designed was not meant to be a camping trailer, but more as a private space that you can travel with,” Lew said in a prepared statement.

"Fun fact is, my wife and I not only use to use this trailer for travelling but we also used it as a personal studying space ... and a micro office while we were developing our business at the start-up incubator," he continued.

The trailers are now available for purchase on the Polydrop website.

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