• Tinder revealed the top emojis that gained in popularity this year.
  • The dating app's top emoji reflect 2020, including a ballot box (in a US election year) and face mask.
  • Tinder and other dating apps have grown throughout the pandemic with virtual-date options as people have remained home to obey social distancing orders.
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Dating app Tinder released information about users in 2020, including the emojis that gained the most in popularity the quickest this year. 

The list reflected 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic changed most aspects of life, including dating. People increasingly turned to online dating while stuck at home. Match Group, which owns Tinder, OKCupid, and Plenty of Fish, rolled out virtual dating options with video calling, which has helped with growth. Tinder's year end report also noted many dates moved online to other games, including Animal Crossing. 

As of August, Tinder reported six million users. The company says it compared emoji data from January to November 2020 with the same period in 2019 to see which grew the fastest. See the list here.

10. Person shrugging

9. Black heart

Black heart.

8. Seedling

7. Tiger face

6. Face with mask

5. Raised fist

4. Exploding head

3. Toilet paper

2. Shopping cart

1. Ballot box

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