Whether it's a luggage conveyor belt or the moving walkways, people are using their treadmills to recreate an airport experience.
  • Across TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter, people are repurposing their treadmills as a luggage belt and airport walkways.
  • People around the world have had to cancel trips and vacations, so many are finding creative ways to recreate those experiences from their home.
  • The videos have served as a creative outlet for some and a fun laugh for others.
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Without the ability to go to the airport, users across TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter are repurposing their treadmills. The workout equipment now functions as luggage conveyor belts and airport walkways.

A majority of the world is on some form of lockdown, so homes have become the only place to travel.

With travel now limited to essential trips, people are using their creativity to build airport experiences in their homes

With a treadmill at its lowest speed, people are waiting to pick up their luggage. Others are jogging with their luggage to practice making it to the gate on time.

Lukas Georgas got the idea for his videos after seeing clips of people on TikTok disappointed that their trips were cancelled.

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