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Tiger Woods had a fantastic response to being asked about the person who bet R1.2 million on him to win the Masters

Cork Gaines , Business Insider US
 May 27, 2019, 10:48 AM
Tiger Woods on the range at "Tiger Jam."
Twitter/Tiger Tracker
  • Tiger Woods was asked about the rookie gambler who won R17 million on Tiger's Masters win.
  • Woods confidently noted that it was a great bet in a way that suggested he knew it was a great bet all along.
  • Woods then called the gambler a "dumba--" for also betting on Tiger to win all four majors this year and complete the grand slam.
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Tiger Woods announced that he was back with authority when he won the Masters earlier this year.

That win was also huge for one bold, rookie gambler who wagered $85,000 (R1.2 million) before the tournament and won $1.2 million (R17 million). Unfortunately, after the Masters, that person then bet $100,000 (R1.4 million) on Tiger winning the next three majors and completing the grand slam.

Woods was asked about the bet on the driving range at "Tiger Jam" on Friday in Las Vegas. His response was perfect.

"F---ing great bet," Tiger said. "He's a dumba-- for the grand slam part though."

Yes, the bet to win four straight majors was not a smart one, and in hindsight, of course, the first bet was a great one. But there is just something about the way Tiger responded to the initial bet. The way he says it with confidence and without missing a beat on his swing suggests Woods knew it was a good bet even before the tournament.

It is reminiscent of Tiger's reaction after the first round at the Masters when he gave a sly grin that suggested he knew he was about to shock the world.

It is one thing to say Tiger is back because he is again winning majors. But it seems that confident Tiger has returned also, and the sports world is better for it.

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