(Facebook: Rush Esports)
  • Tickets for Rush go on sale today, starting at R60 for a day pass or R100 for a weekend pass.
  • Rush is South Africa's largest esports tournament with over 5,000 attendees.
  • Educating parents about the games their children are obsessing over is a serious area of focus. 

Tickets for Rush, South Africa’s largest esports tournament, go on sale today, starting at R60 for a day pass or R100 for a weekend pass.

The competition and expo is taking place at the Sun Arena in Pretoria from June 29 to July 1. 

Rush will have three major tournaments: FIFA 18 on PS4, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on computer, and Fortnite on mobile. Last year prize money for the event ran into the tens of thousands. 

“We’re expecting around 5,000 people at Rush this year,” Michael James, Senior Project Manager at Rush, told Business Insider South Africa. 

“The idea is to come and experience competitive gaming and see where and how you might fit in.”

For some that will be as parents of children playing games they don't understand. Rush promises to help oldies "looking to find out more about your child’s obsession".

Educating parents is second on its list of priorities – right after the competition and prizes.

A League of Legends tournament taking place at Rush 2017 (Facebook: Rush esports)

Rush was started two years ago by the organisers of the Rage expo, a conference for technology and gaming enthusiasts in Johannesburg. 

Sponsorship interests in hit have increased dramatically since it was launched in 2017, James says.  

“We foresee esports events such as this being really big within a few years.” 

He says amateur gamers will especially be accommodated at the event, with dedicated casual gaming competitions and spectator spaces. 

“Our hope is that in a few years Rush will ultimately be one of the go-to events to get your competitive gaming fix,” James says. 

You can buy Rush tickets here.