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Thousands of chickens at a UK poultry farm are dead following a brutal heatwave

Nicole Einbinder , Business Insider US
 Jul 31, 2019, 08:14 AM
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  • Thousands of chicken at a UK poultry farm are dead following last week's heatwave.
  • Workers were seen over the last few days piling carcasses outside the farm's buildings.
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Thousands of chickens in a poultry farm died during last week's brutal heatwave that struck the UK.

Over the last few days, workers at the Moy Park farm in Lincolnshire were seen piling the carcasses outside the farm's buildings, according to the Lincolnite. Workers at the farm told the publication "we tried to do everything but there was nothing more we could do."

"It has been really tough carting these animals out of the farm over the past couple of days. Animal activists don't think that we care about them, but we really do," they added.

Moy Park, which is based in Northern Ireland, is one of the UK's top food companies, according to the Independent. They supply supermarkets such as Ocado, Tesco, and Sainsbury's. As noted by the Daily Mail, the company received a top environmental management certification in September.

But, as Philip Lymbery, an animal advocate and chief executive of Compassion in World Farming, noted on Twitter, "this is beyond words. They must have suffered terribly."

When reached for comment, a Moy Parks spokesperson told the Lincolnite "The recent high temperatures have been very challenging for many in the farming and poultry industries."

"We are working closely with our farming partners to monitor the situation and have implemented procedures to help protect our birds against the extreme heat," the spokesperson added.

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