• Minderz was created to help single parents find suitable child minders, but that didn't go well.
  • Due to strict government regulations, founder Tumi Menyatswe pivoted.
  • Today Minderz has a total of 600 minders available – for pets.

Tumi Menyatswe founded Minderz in 2016 after watching friends struggle to find trustworthy babysitters for their children.

"The initial idea was to provide a reliable service, predominantly for single mothers, to get someone to lend them an extra hand," she tells Business Insider South Africa.

This would give the mothers peace of mind as they ran errands, or provide the option of someone else to fetch the kids if a parent got stuck.

But thanks to regulation pertaining to working with children – strict regulations – actually running such a service turned out not to be viable. Among other requirements, according to the Children's Act, a person working with children needs to apply for a police clearance certificate.

With the risks around the all-too-common kidnapping of and violence against children, as well as the costs involved in ensuring compliance with the regulation, Manyetswa had to rethink her business model.

"I did my research and saw that there was a need for pet care when people travel."

Minderz now has 600 pet minders ready to house-sit, check on pets daily, and walk your dog while you are away. Much like Uber, the platform connects pet owners with minders in their vicinity.

The prerequisite to being a minder is that one must love animals, must have owned a pet before, and ideally should have volunteered at an animal shelter and have a year of pet-sitting experience.

"The people must genuinely care about pets and must have an understanding and sensitivity of what goes into their care," says Manyetswa.

The company is based in Cape Town, with a few minders in Johannesburg, and smaller groups each in Durban and Pretoria.

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