LogoScan, an augmented reality (AR) enabled app. Photo Jean le Roux.
  • A new South African app uses augmented reality (AR) to transform 2D logos into an impressive visual experience. 
  • Users simply need to hold up their smartphones and scan to see videos and images.  
  • The new technology moves away from QR codes.

A new South African app can take a boring 2D logo and bring it to life.

The LogoScan app uses augmented reality (AR) to transform a logo into an enhanced augmented reality experience linked directly to a website.

Users simply need to hold up their smartphones and scan.  

“For most brands, their logo is the first contact point with consumers. There is a special bond that exists between a brand-loyal consumer and a logo that goes much farther than TV or digital banner ads and taglines. We want all brands to engage with their audience through AR+, and we think a scannable logo is the best way to start that relationship,” said Rich Cheary, CEO of The Publisher’s Toolbox, the South African mobile app developer behind the app.

The app aims to move users away from QR codes and to interact directly with a logo.

“Literally any graphic image can be made scannable and used to augment reality. Designers put so much focused effort and meaning into their creative work. We feel a QR code takes away from the visual appeal of their artwork. Together with designers, we can make the creative design be the target and come alive,” said Cheary.

Brands like Redbull, Spur and even the Cape Town Volunteer Wildlife Service have signed up. 

It brings your logo to life. Photo Jean le Roux.

Beyond AR, Cheary thinks the app has the potential to become “the new search” which adds to traditional methods such as text search (Google) and audio search (Siri).  Scanning logos, he says, will be more enticing than typing in search terms and more efficient than speaking into your phone.

“With LogoScan, consumers can tap through to your website, link with your social media channels and share content with family and friends simply by holding up their phones. Plus, they’ll get an AR digital experience like never before.”

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