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A South African arcade dedicated to virtual reality gaming is posting hilarious videos of people doing stunts in VR.

The arcade is unlike anything South Africa has ever seen before. Instead of playing Street Fighter on button-based machines built in the 1980s, you can shoot zombies, have snowball fights with your friends, and diffuse bombs in a lifelike 360-degree experience.

South Africans are new to the immersive world of VR, which most people cannot afford at home as the equipment required to run it can cost thousands of rands.

Virtual Realms opened its doors at the end of December last year. It has been posting the videos on its social media accounts since then. The arcade offers a large bouquet of games for a starting price of R100 for 30 minutes.

The reactions as users duck and dive are priceless: 

A snowball fight: 

What you see: 

Ever wanted to be a pro championship boxer? Well, now is your chance: 

What you see: 

Or be a pro goalkeeper:

What you see: 

Final Soccer VR
Final Soccer VR. Source: HTC VIVE PORT

It's a great place to practice your surgery:

SUPERHOTVR is a game where you survive Matrix style dodging attacks in slow motion: 

But the more you move the faster time moves. 

Some fancy their chances of surviving a Zombie apocalypse:

In Arizona Sunshine you face endless waves of zombie hordes. It's better to team up with someone  - to have your back:

What you see:

You can also race cars: 

I tried walking on a plank 80 storeys up...

...and was not brave enough to jump off. 

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