This may be South Africa's most haunted building by far

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  • A paranormal activities group says it has come across the most haunted building in South Africa by far.
  • They have been investigating a massive psychiatric hospital in Gauteng for several months.
  • They say they have encountered local ghosts like a nun who still treats patients.   
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A paranormal activities group says it has come across the most haunted building in South Africa by far – a working asylum in the northern parts of Gauteng.

The building is apparently full of ghosts, including a red-haired nurse with no eyes, they claim.

As South Africa gears up for another Halloween, Business Insider South Africa spoke with Charmaine Roos, co-founder of Phoenix Paranormal South Africa. The Phoenix Paranormal group has shared several investigations with BISA over the past two years – from haunted hospitals to museums and abandoned buildings.  

They say their latest investigation into the hospital tops anything they have encountered before.

“We believe that the many deaths and suicides that took place within this building, created the most haunted building that we have ever set foot in,” said Roos. 

Built in the late 1800s, the hospital has dozens of abandoned wards and is still in operation today playing an essential role in psychiatric treatment in South Africa. 

“The place is huge, like an institution, and not at all the small front building we normally see in the news,” said Roos. “With the immense ground of buildings situated on it, a plot of unmarked graves, and what may seem like never ending abandoned hallways, this place unquestionably has the creep factor.”

The Phoenix Paranormal team was granted access into the building on condition that the name of the institution is not mentioned, as it is still an operating facility. They have been investigating it for several months and ran tours in the abandoned parts of the facility before the Covid-19 outbreak. 

“One worker we interviewed warm heartedly told us that 'when night-time approaches, the place becomes alive',” said Roos.

“Staff and visitors report having run-ins with the spirits of these tormented souls which were once treated there as well as of nurses. Many of those experiences include the ghost of a red-haired nurse who would tend to patients, but once you look up into her face, she allegedly has no eyes.”

There are wild claims about so-called ghosts in the institution. From interviews with staff, the paranormal team learned about a supposed "laughing ghost" in a tree, as well as a ghostly figure who only wears silver boots. In the 1960s, there was also a report of a ghostly nurse who would hover around patients. 

The team claimed they captured a Class A Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) of a male asking one of their investigators what he is doing there in Afrikaans.

"This EVP was truly nerve-wracking when we heard it afterwards."  EVPs are audio recordings captured during an investigation.

Roos says that whilst the whole institution is subjected to the unexplained, it seems that the long, dark and empty hallways in the abandoned section of the building in Ward D are the most rife with paranormal activity. 

According to Roos, when walking through this ward, it is not uncommon to see shadow people peeking at you from down the passages.

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