• Finance minister Tito Mboweni said the total fuel levies on petrol will increase by 29c in 2019. 
  • Fuel levies now represent almost 41% of the petrol price. 
  • South African taxes on fuel increased by 220% since 2008 from R1.76 to R5.63 in 2019.

Tax on a litre of petrol will increase by 29c in 2019, and the tax on a litre of diesel by 30c, finance minister Tito Mboweni revealed on Wednesday afternoon.

This as South Africa struggles to balance its budget shortfall which will increase to R243 billion in 2019. 

Mboweni said the general fuel levy will increase by 15c per litre to R3.52 in April - government levies now represent almost 41% of the petrol price. 

The increasing share of fuel taxes on the total pr
The increasing share of fuel taxes on the total price petrol and diesel since 2019 (supplied, national treasury)

The Road Accident fund - which reportedly rented an office chair for R1,600 - will receive an increase of 5c in April from a current R1.93.

A revised Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill is set to be tabled to the national assembly later this year which will stabilise fuel prices, Mboweni said. 

The national treasury said fuel levies will increase below inflation - but when the carbon fuel levy is included - overall fuel taxes will increase by 5.4%. 

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The new carbon fuel levy of 9c a litre on petrol, and 10c a litre on diesel will become effective from June 5 - a month after the national elections. 

It will not go towards funding ‘green’ projects, but will be redirected towards the national budget. 

Overall taxes on fuel increased from R1.76 in 2008 to R5.63 in 2019 - a 220% increase. 

This is how fuel taxes increased on petrol since 2008: 

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