Watch: this infinite artwork is generated by an AI 'brain'

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An artwork featuring an infinite stream of portraits of people who have never existed all generated by an artificial intelligence, is set to go up for auction at Sotheby's auction house in London.

The installation piece, titled 'Memories of Passerby 1,' which is made up of an artificial 'brain' housed in a walnut wood cabinet, with an ever changing stream of unique portraits being sent to two connected monitors.

"The machine decides what to do on its own, creating and learning from its own mistakes,” said Marina Ruiz Colomer, Sotheby's contemporary art specialist. "What you see is the machine changes, you'll never see the same portrait twice, so it'll be forever changing and then you'll also see some errors that happen.”

German artist Mario Klingemann built the machine, but all the images are reportedly created through the algorithms and generative adversarial networks housed in the machine's 'brain.'

The work is being offered with an estimated sale price of between R575,575  - R767,433. 

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