• A silent high-speed electric surfboard can travel at 56 km/h all by itself.
  • It costs a mere R290,000.

A silent high-speed electric surfboard is making waves in Sweden.

Called the Rävik, this 35 kilogram carbon based surfboard can travel at 56 km/h.

Made by Swedish company Awake, it is part of a growing trend of stand-up water-sport machines that make use of compact electric power to offer high-speed thrills. The one advantage electric surfboards have over plain boards is that they don't need big waves to surf – meaning no fights to get the biggest waves. 

The R290,000 Ravik. Photo supplied.

This one, which is a premium in the range, will set you back R290,000. (For the same price you could afford some pretty nice cars, like a Renault Megane RS265.)

The surfboard is controlled using a wireless hand accelerator and has a run-time of 40 minutes. The accelerator has a 1-inch display showing battery level, speed, and rider mode.

It is also capable of monitoring its temperature and has an automatic system shutdown if the product is turned upside down – so when you fall off if doesn’t speed away.  

The first ever documented jet surf board turned up in the 1935. It was known as the Surf Scooter, and was the first recognised motorised surfboard. Jet Surfing Nation made a fun video that explains it all in five minutes:

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