Fire extinguisher, Super Fire Ball.
  • Super Fire Ball is a fire extinguisher you simply throw into the fire – without ever getting close to the flames.
  • The idea to distribute it in SA was motivated by the constant need to find creative solutions to problems that are unique to the country, like shack fires.
  • Its South African distributor hopes to capture a significant share of the market in the fire safety industry.

On his last visit to South Africa, Richard Branson hosted inspiring business leaders and budding entrepreneurs with exciting concepts at Africa's first Business is an adventure series.

Among the hand-picked business mavericks was Mandisi Kibito and his Super Fire Balls.

Super Fire Ball is a fire extinguisher that is simply thrown to the fire without getting close to the flames. It saves 20-90 seconds which are vital to terminate a fire before it gets bigger.

Kibito distributes the Turkish-made product in South Africa. 

The idea [to set up distribution in South Africa] was motivated by the constant need to find creative solutions to the problems we experience in the country. We thought it would great to find a creative, lasting, and cost effective solutions for fire safety.
Mandisi Kibito, CEO of Super Fire Ball SA

The self-funded company already has a strong online presence. Now it just needs to overcome the entrenched ways of doing things, Kibito tells Business Insider South Africa.

Elsewhere in the world Super Fire Ball is marketed as a fool-proof automatic fire exstinguisher (when hooked up to a fire detector) or as simple enough for children to use. Its major promise in South Africa is in combating ten shack fires a day on average in informal settlements.

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