Long Island brewer Jamie Adams created his new Deep Ascent ale using yeast from bottles he salvaged from the SS Oregon, a Liverpool-to-New York luxury liner that sank off the coast of New York in 1886.

The beer is brewed from yeast in bottles of beer that went down on a doomed steamship and languished on the ocean floor for 131 years, reports the Associated Press.

Some who lined up to sample a swig of the new Deep Ascent ale at a craft beer festival said it provided a refreshing taste of history.

Adams, a former Wall Street trader who opened Saint James Brewery in Long Island nearly two decades ago, says his beer grew out of his love of scuba diving.

The SS Oregon lies 40 metres deep in an underwater cemetery known to local divers as Wreck Valley.

“It’s a wonderful, wonderful shipwreck to dive,” says Adams. “I came up with the idea to make some beer if we came up with some intact bottles.”

It’s an idea that’s been brewing for a long time. Back in 2015 Adams enlisted a team of divers to search for bottles. But it didn’t pay off until 2017, when a storm shifted sands and made the first-class dining room accessible. They dug down 4.5 metre in the sea bed to gain access, and then another 1.8 metres inside the ship to find a half-dozen bottles upside-down, corks intact. Later dives found 20 more bottles.

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