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  • The online job search platform Adzuna reports that South African salaries have increased by 7% in the past year.
  • But IT professionals have seen much higher pay rises, with web developers being paid 15% more.
  • Finance and construction workers saw wages increase by roughly 2%.

Adzuna, an online search engine for job advertisements, has analysed more than 100,000 online job listings in South Africa and found that salaries have on average increased by 7% in the past year.

While food inflation has been relatively tame, that salary hike will not be enough to make up for the 14% increase in the electricity price this year, as well as new fuel levies of 29c a litre, and above-inflation hikes for school fees and medical aid membership costs – for example, some Discovery schemes will cost 9% more. 

"Due to the slow rise in wages, more and more consumers are feeling the pressure on their household spending," says Jesse Green, country manager for Adzuna South Africa. Electricity and fuel prices have increased by a staggering 13.8% per year over the past ten years.   

In addition, government's decision not to adjust income tax brackets in the Budget will make a big dent in salary hikes

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But not all careers are created equal, it seems.

Salaries in the IT sector are up more than 10% on average

The average South African salary in the IT sector increased by more than 10%, according to the Adzuna analysis.

Specialised skills – particularly web developers – saw the biggest salary growth. Web developer salaries increased on average by 15%.

“For graduates looking to land high-paying jobs that also offer a variety of career opportunities, a degree in computer science is probably your best bet. As AI rises in business and society, the demand for employees with tech skills and knowledge continues to skyrocket, and the salaries for these jobs reflect the same principle,” says Green.

Java developers, who earn on average R582,218 according to the online platform's analysis, are also popular, with more than 2,000 positions advertised.

But PHP software developers, who were in very high demand the year before, only saw salary growth of 2% in the past year.

Engineering, admin and sales jobs saw pay hikes of between 5% and 10%

While a civil engineer remains one of the top-paid positions in South Africa, with an average advertised salary of R639,100, there were only around 600 positions advertised.

Administration positions, with average pay of R327,600, ranked among the lowest paid positions that Adzuna tracked. Receptionists (R119,543) offered the lowest salaries in the survey.

Marketing, finance and construction salary increases were below 5%

The South African building industry is going through a tough time, as high-profile construction companies go bust in a very weak economy. This would explain the pressure on construction salaries.

Major employers like the finance and construction sectors saw minimal growth with wages averaging at an increase of roughly 2%, Adzuna reports.

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