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Buying the right accessories and peripherals can be overwhelming for the beginner gamer – or the loved one buying presents for Christmas. Product specialist Sean Nicol of distribution company Syntech gave us some advice on what to look out for in a starter kit for an up-and-coming gamer, and a couple of tips on what could make good presents.

“It’s easy to get swept up by bells and whistles when starting off, but as a general rule all the aesthetic flair just adds to the cost of the product. Invest into performance over appeal if you’re forced to choose,” says Nicol.  

There’s no need to spend all your money on the most expensive brands in the market, he holds. If you shop smart, there are high-quality alternatives that work just as well, for less.

Often advanced and established brands are way more expensive. It makes sense that if you’re only getting started to opt for entry level equipment,” he says.

When it comes to computer gear go big on things like the motherboard or CPU. Identify what you can upgrade down the line and build a PC over time rather than getting everything in one go. 

But a good place to start is by comparing parts.


The Mouse:

Gamers look for fast tracking that enables many clicks per second. The slower the clicks the stickier your gaming experience can be.

The typical gaming mouse will have a more pronounced slope with long body and back with extended key, high DPI (Dot Per Inch, which comes down to how fast the cursor moves) and will be customisable to some extent. These are some of the better buys that won't break the bank.

Nicol recommends the Redragon Centrophorus 3200dpi Gaming Mouse - R 299.00 Syntech

Redragon Centrophorus 3200dpi Gaming Mouse


We like the MSI - Interceptor DS B1 Gaming Mouse – R186.00 Raru

MSI - Interceptor DS B1 Gaming Mouse

The keyboard:

“For inexperienced gamers a normal keyboard would be the obvious choice, it has all you need and works perfectly. For the more advanced folk, the mechanical keyboard should be the go-to,” says Nicol.

One of the key characteristics of a gaming keyboard are membrane keys with excellent lighting and raised keys. These make finding your spell-casting shortcuts in the dark much easier.

Nicol recommends the Redragon Devarajas Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard - R 999 Incredible Connections (online only)

Redragon Devarajas Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard

The Headset:

Most players are opting for headphones that have noise-cancelling features to optimise the gaming experience. You want to be able to clearly hear your teammates over the sounds of explosions and other distracting things too.

We like the Cooler Master - Masterpulse Stereo Over-Ear Gaming Headset With Bass FX – R826 Raru

Cooler Master - Masterpulse Stereo Over-Ear Gaming Headset With Bass FX


The right controller is essential to enhance your gaming experience. You want to be able have good grip, rubber coating, and backlit buttons.

We like the Thrustmaster Dual Analogue 4 Controller PC – R374 Raru

Thrustmaster Dual Analogue 4 Controller PC


Nicol recommends the Sparkfox Wireless Controller PC/Android – R699 Takealot

Sparkfox Wireless Controller PC/Android

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