Here’s what it looked like when comic book fans dressed as superheroes descended on Cape Town's foreshore for this year's Fancon

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A horde of comic book fans dressed as superheroes, descended on Cape's Town's foreshore for this years Fancon, one of Cape Town's biggest comic book conventions.

The convention is known for bringing in a host of international comic-book authors. South African geeks get a rare chance to meet the artists responsible for creating some of the most popular characters in the world right now, from Black Panther to Harley Quinn.

Among the fans were cosplayers who stole the show in the hallways of the Cape Town Convention Centre. They dressed up as comic book characters, part of an international geeky craze that has taken the world by storm.

A group of My Hero Academia fans drove all the way from Joburg for the event.

Photo Jay Caboz

Nicholas Neto brought a R600 T-Rex suit which actually roared.

Photo Jay Caboz

Taz Noble came as Overwatch's Roadhog. 

Photo Jay Caboz

The hallway was filled with ninjas from Naruto.

Photo Jay Caboz

Loki, Dylan and Pierre became friends after realising they all shared a love for anime. They dressed up as ninjas Akamaru, Choiji and Shino from the popular anime series Naurto, about a village of ninjas.  

Aisha Khan dressed as Lulu, from League of Legends, because she thought the character was cute. 

Photo Jay Caboz

Anzel Schutz, known as Baka Sakura Cosplay, spent R2,000 to reenact her childhood hero X-Men's Rogue. 

Cosplayer Baka Sakura playing X-Men's Rogue. Photo Jay Caboz

We found Gambit, Ludos Cosplay, playing cards on the elevator. 

Photo Jay Caboz

He joined a host of Marvel Comic fans gathered on stage in anticipation of the latest Marvel Avengers Movie.

The Marvel universe came to Cape Town.

While John Snow, from Game of Thrones, looked like he was very left out.

Photo Jay Caboz

Brogan Norman brought a real sword with him, in case he had to slay any White Walkers. His costume cost R1,800. 

Photo Jay Caboz

We also met up with cosplay teacher Teri Ferreira and her daughter Kenna, who came as Bucky and X-23, Wolverine's daughter.

Photo Jay Caboz

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This video by Primal Nerdz summarises the weekends events. 

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