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These are the hottest toy trends to look out for this year

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 Aug 10, 2019, 01:04 PM
  • Toy Insider Editor Ali Mierzejewski says this year's toys will be all about interactivity.
  • We're saying goodbye to tech toys and hello to life size robot unicorns, collectables you have to nurture and a fart bomb gun.
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Say good bye to tech toys and a return to the classic toy with more physical playtime. This year, toys will be all about interactivity, says Toy Insider Editor Ali Mierzejewski who shared her perspective on hottest toy trends for the season at the annual Sweet Suite in New York.  

Mierzejewski, said the big toy trends will see a decrease in tech toys and a return to that classic toy, a lot of the tech in toys these days is integrated into play time.

“So, kids don't even really see that it's there, but they're still being able to interact with their toys, so you're gonna see a lot of interactive pets. That's a big thing,” Mierzejewski told AP.

From a full-grown robot unicorn, which kids can ride and feed, to more feisty creatures like untamed snakes, there will be plenty of new toys in stores.

One of the biggest shocks of the season is a growing trend of ‘surprise reveal toys’. These are the traditional unboxing kind of collectable toys, but they revel in different ways.

“Some you water a plant and it reveals a doll, and different things like that. It's not just rip open a blind bag anymore, you know have to do a little more to get the collectable,” said Mierzejewski

Parents are also embracing the fact tech is a part of everyday life for kids, but trying to shy away from screen time all of the time. It means tech toys will be more integrated in play.

“There's a very cool construction toy her called LeapBuilders that kids won't even know that it's tech. But they're building blocks that talk to kids and teach them as well."

There is even a plant-based fart launcher for those brave parents willing to risk being bombed by their kids from across the room.

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