Taxi-drivers getting stabbed by unhappy customers, farmers who are attacked by their livestock, and deep-sea fishers at risk of freezing to death all topped this year’s list of most dangerous jobs. 

A United States census report in 2016 found that transportation accidents were the leading cause of job fatalities, resulting in 40% of all workplace deaths.

Roughly four out of 100,000 full-time employees are expected to be killed at their workplace. 

For loggers, that rate rises to a whopping 135.9 fatal accidents per 100,000 workers. 

According to CareerCast, "Some of the most vital careers to upholding and maintaining the very fabric of society are also among the most dangerous."

Take emergency medical personnel and firefighters, for example. "These professions are tailored for the brave, those willing to sacrifice their own health and safety for the well being of others," the CareerCast report says.

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