People all over the world are searching for video of former Bishops teacher Fiona Viotti – mostly without success

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Trending search terms for South African users on o
  • South Africans are still looking for explicit videos featuring former Bishops high school teacher Fiona Viotti – and they are not alone.
  • Search terms relating to the video currently top global rankings on one pornography network, and make for the top trending search terms in Canada and the United States.
  • People from as far afield as Iran and Kazakhstan also want to see it, but mostly without success.
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The search term "fiona viotti" was the number one global trend for a major online pornography group this week as people all over the world looked – mostly without success – for an explicit video featuring the former Bishops teacher.

Video purportedly featuring Viotti was removed from one major pornographic website a week ago. But as news spread internationally about the her alleged affair with a pupil at Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town, noting her former life as a model and her celebrity family connections – so did attempts to find those videos.

Several pornography websites and networks with global audiences try to customise their offerings to different geographical areas, and in the process reveal what people in different countries are looking for. That data shows how interest in the video spread around the world.

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But by this week none of the major websites where terms such as "bishops teacher" were trending were hosting the video, and requests on message boards suggested searchers left disappointed.

One large pornography network, which keeps tracks of searches centrally, said "fiona viotti" was its top trending search term across the world.

'fiona viotti' global trend

In South Africa visitors to one very large free pornography site tried a variety of search terms to find the video.

Fiona Viotti searches from South Africa

Similar attempts to find video of a "cape town teacher" showed up on a different large porn site...


... and variations combining "Viotti" and "teacher" also showed up on a third site.


Searches for the video topped trends for the multi-site porn network in the USA...


... and in Canada...

XN Canada

... while variations of the search trended at several positions in the UK...


... Iran....

XN Iran

.... and Kazakhstan.


But none of the sites actually featured the video so eagerly sought, and postings on messages boards that specialise in swapping adult content suggested widespread frustration rather than success.

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