Kabelo Enos Makinta (Twitter)
Kabelo Enos Makinta (Twitter)
  • Kabelo Enos Makinta is the young man behind the popular Twitter account Kasi Economy. 
  • The account is well known for promoting small businesses and getting them a lot of support.  
  • Makinta, who initially started the account on Facebook, joined Twitter last year during the hard lockdown and now has almost 70,000 followers. 
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Kabelo Enos Makinta is the young man behind Kasi Economy Group, a popular social media account – with almost 70,000 followers on Twitter – that promotes various small businesses for free.

The social media page was founded last year during the hard lockdown to shine light on entrepreneurs.

The lockdown saw a lot of people venturing into entrepreneurship amid the jobs losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

According to Makinta, the aims was to challenge "this thing of township businesses or black-owned businesses being called incompetent," he said. "Township people are also capable of [growing] professional businesses."

Before blowing up on Twitter, Kasi Economy Group first launched on Facebook and was later followed by a blog where Makinta would write about local small businesses.

"Siphesihle Kwetana from Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape was one the first people I posted [about] when I started the account.

"Her viral post put my Facebook account on the map. I gained more than 10k followers after her post and it received over two million views at the time," said Makinta. 

Kasi Economy (Facebook screenshot).
Kasi Economy (Facebook screenshot).

He also owned a political page on Twitter which ended up not working out after he felt he needed something to empower people.

One of the first small businesses Makinta promoted at the time was a small business that sold umhlonyane at a time when it was widely popular.

"She was selling herbal teas. I helped her gain traction," he said. "When we met, she was only selling in Pretoria. After our post, it took off. Now she sells in most parts of the country."   

It didn't take a lot for Makinta's Twitter account to grow after that – thanks to his network of celebrities, influencers and other big social media accounts, which he thanks greatly as he's been able to help other small businesses with marketing.  


Although the Kasi economy Twitter page has more than 3,000 tweets, Makinta says it takes a lot for him to post about a business so as to avoid scammers.

To verify the legitimacy of a business, the 28-year-old, who has a background in nursing, says he first looks for reviews on the business. He also conducts an image search to verify that photos belong to the business and are not taken from the internet.

"Some people use fake images for us to redirect traffic to them so that they can scam people."

"I've been in situations where I've posted someone, and people came to me saying that they'd been scammed. I had to go and fix it," he said.

Apart from being legit and fully operational, other conditions for small businesses to get free promo are that a business be:

  • Black-owned and township based
  • If the company is not township based, it must at least empower other people.   

Makinta has emphasised that he does not charge small businesses any fee to help promote their work.

"I don't charge anyone, but there are people who come to me and want me to promote something that is outside of what I do, that's when I charge, but that accounts for 1% of what I do," he said.

How to get your stuff promoted;

  • Send an email to info@KasiEconomy.co.za
  • The email should contain your company profile, high resolution images of your business or products and your contact details.
  • You can also send a direct message to Kasi Economy's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.  

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