'The Lion King' remake has a new scene that will make you see Scar's vendetta against his brother in a whole new light

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The new "Lion King" adds some extra beef between Scar and his older brother Mufasa.
Walt Disney Studios

  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Disney's "The Lion King" remake.
  • The new "Lion King" film adds a little more to Scar's backstory.
  • In the film, he asks for Sarabi - his brother's mate - to be his queen.
  • In the original film, there was a creepy, deleted scene where Scar tried to force Nala to be his queen.
  • This is a better rewrite, adding some tension to the relationship between the two brothers, while utilising an old scene from the original 1994 movie.
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Disney's "The Lion King" remake is a very faithful recreation of the 1994 classic.

While there are moments that look like shot-for-shot recreations from the original, the remake adds a few extra scenes with the film's villain, detailing why Scar would want to kill his older brother and nephew.

It turns out the Disney villain wasn't just power-hungry. He was also a jealous and vengeful brother.

What happens

Scar brings the hyenas to take over the Pride Lands.
Walt Disney Studios

After Scar takes over as king, an entirely new scene is shown where the Pride Lands are barren and the lionesses are starving. While eating, Scar asks for Sarabi to be his queen.

"Long ago, you chose Mufasa over me," Scar tells Sarabi, revealing that he had a thing for his brother's queen.

He gives her an ultimatum to either be his queen or essentially starve and eat the scraps left over by the hyenas.

"Take your place by my side or you can eat after the hyenas," says Scar. "And they don't leave much behind."

Unsurprisingly, she refuses.

Sarabi is not interested in being Scar's queen one bit.
Walt Disney Studios

If you were shocked to learn Scar had romantic feelings for Sarabi, it was hinted at near the film's start. If you know the original movie well, you may have noticed there was a new line added when Mufasa and Zazu ask Scar why he wasn't at the ceremony for Simba.

"As you know, I have tremendous respect for the queen," Scar says.

In the "Lion King" novelisation by Elizabeth Rudnick, the feud between the brothers is only hinted at a little bit more.

When that line is brought up in the book, the story is shown from Zazu's point of view:

"Zazu's head swiveled back and forth between the two brothers. It was never comfortable being in the same area as them, but now it was downright frightening. He could feel the rage practically boiling off Mufasa..."

Later in the novel, Sarabi appears to have no knowledge of it:

"There had been no love lost between the brothers. Sarabi had tried to get Mufasa to talk to her about why, but he had always changed the subject, pursing topics like the weather or the state of the pride. She had never pressed the issue, but now she wished she had."

The addition of the scene adds further depth to the villain. Scar didn't simply want to rule. He had a vendetta against his big brother Mufasa because Sarabi didn't love him. What's worse is that Sarabi didn't appear to have any knowledge about Scar's unrequited love. It's enough drama to sound like fodder for a prequel idea.

That's a complete change from the original. In the 1994 movie, Scar and Sarabi have a slight confrontation, but it's simply over a matter of there being no food in the Pride Lands near the film's end.

Scar and Sarabi don't really seem to get along in the original 1994 movie.

If you're a big fan of the original, the new scene with Scar and Sarabi also retools an uncomfortable deleted one from the original movie.

Scar originally sought out Nala as his queen in the original "Lion King" movie

In the 1994 movie, there was a deleted sequence where Scar decided he needed a queen and tried to creepily pursue Nala.

If you've never seen the scene, it's a bit uncomfortable to watch.

During the five-minute scene, which is available as one of the bonus features on the signature edition of the animated movie, Scar asks Zazu what his brother had that he doesn't have. Zazu quickly rattles off a list: "adoring subjects, respect of your species, a loving family, a devoted queen."

It's that last suggestion that makes Scar realise he needs someone to rule alongside him and to help carry on his lineage.

At that moment, Nala enters the scene. Zazu is shooed away and Scar tries to creepily woo over Nala with a reprisal of his villain song, "Be Prepared."

It's kind of uncomfortable to watch knowing that Scar is pursuing a much younger Nala, who eventually winds up with Simba, Scar's nephew. The lyrics are also a bit off-putting.

"It's tough at the top. I deserve a companion, a mate, who will start my cylinders firing with fervor, and you, my sweet thing, fit the part. A king alone is a sad situation indeed. But a king without heirs, now that's a tragedy... Be prepared for a stunning proposal that power and beauty should bond."

All the while, Nala is standoffish, refusing Scar's advances. But as the scene continues, Nala is backed against a wall by Scar and looks fearful until she finally claws at his face.

As Nala escapes from Scar, he tells her that one way or another he always gets what he wants.

He then tells the pride he chooses Nala as his queen. Similar to Sarabi, she refuses. Instead of leaving it be, Scar banishes Nala from the Pride Lands. That's, presumably, how she winds up in the jungle finding Simba.

The new scene's lasting impact

The revision to Scar is a small change, but it's one that doesn't feel unnatural.
Walt Disney Studios

Disney made several subtle and big changes in its "Lion King" remake.The addition of the Sarabi/Scar subplot not only makes logical sense (of course Scar would want to find a queen of his own), but also may have helped the Mouse House give a much-needed update to Scar 25 years later.

While Scar is considered one of the best Disney villains, many saw his snide remarks, movements, and effeminate attitude to fit a gay stereotype. Though the character is embraced by some as a gay Disney icon, a simple rehash of the sarcastic character may not have sat as well in 2019 with all viewers.

Scar sings "Be Prepared."

Adding his pursuit for a queen, and not just any queen, added a depth to his character that simply wasn't in the original version of the film. It only makes sense that the power-hungry tyrant would want to ensure his legacy lived on long after he was gone. As he would tell Mufasa and Zazu, he was the brains of the family.

Scar points out that while he may not be the strongest one in the family, he is among the smartest.

By adding Sarabi into the mix, it was also a nice way to add a nod to an original deleted scene that big Disney fans would recognise without it feeling completely random. Plus, his pursuit of Sarabi leaves a much better taste in viewer's mouths than the thought of Scar preying upon the younger Nala.

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