• The IV International Army Games 2018 in Europe has kicked off with a bang.
  • You can watch all 28 events featuring 39 competing nations via online livestreams.
  • Our favourite event so far was the "tank biathlon" – and an opening ceremony with dancing tanks.

The IV International Army Games 2018 in Europe has kicked off with a bang in Russia.

Until August 11, you can watch 28 events featuring 39 competing nations. Most of the events take place in Russia, but there are also events scheduled in China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Belarus, and Armenia.

Our favourite so war was the "tank biathlon". 18 countries, including South Africa, raced tanks around a course at crazy speeds, stopping to fire at targets.

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The racetrack features crazy high-speed sections, slalom-type poles, an anti-tank trench, and other obstacles.

The games include dozens of military-themed competitions across land, sea and air. Events include a field kitchen cook off, an underwater obstacle course, and K9 unit contests.

Source Army Games 2018

The opening ceremony featured a synchronised tank driving ballet.

Thanks to drone footage and on-board cameras you can get even closer to the action than the spectators. The live stream can be found here, while the official website can be found here.

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