• Frustrated South African Ford owners have come up with some ingenious ways of protecting their vehicles from break-ins.
  • Going as far as gluing 10 cent coins over the lock and even posting tutorials on how to remove the lock pin to prevent access.
  • Ford says it only affects older Ford EcoSport and Fiesta vehicles. 
  • The internet disagrees.
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Frustrated South African Ford owners have come up with some ingenious ways of protecting their EcoSports, Fiestas and Rangers from being broken into – including using a 10 cent coin and removing the lock pin.

This follows after syndicates have targeted Ford vehicles in parking lots, finding ways to break into the vehicles without setting off the alarm.

Ford owners are fuming at having to fork out anywhere between R3,000 to R14,000 to replace the locks.

Ford South Africa released a video on its social media pages indicating that they were aware of the problem.  In the video, Craig von Essen, Corporate Transformation and Strategy Manager at Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa, said it affected older Ford EcoSport and Fiesta vehicles.

Videos posted on Facebook by angry owners contradict this as other models, like this Ford Ranger, look just as easy to break into.

As a potential solution, Essen said Ford South Africa is looking at enhancing the standard alarm systems so that it activates when a lock is tampered with. They also want to offer an accessory for non-standard alarm systems, or a replacement lock with a remote and high-security key.

None of the fixes mentioned indicated a price tag or if Ford would foot the bill.

Ford South Africa has urged owners to contact them through the Ford Customer Service department at 0800 204 688 or CRC3@ford.com, should they have further queries.

Meanwhile it has given rise to some ingenious South African fixes:

A Facebook group, My FORD was broken into South Africa, has grown to over 9,000 members. Here South Africans are giving advice and reporting break-ins. 

my ford was broken into south africa
Facebook group "My Ford Got Broken Into South Africa". Source Facebook

A member, who wished to remain anonymous, posted this quick fix tutorial on how to remove the lock using a screw driver, an Allen key and a plastic knife - instead of paying R13,000 to replace it every time it gets broken.  


Google spreadsheet detailing car models - with 277 reports already recorded, the list shows a variety of models being targeted. 

Jaco Moolman
Ford breakin incidents and model types being targeted. Source Jaco Moolman

The most targeted model so far is a 2017 Ford Fiesta. You can report your Ford break-ins here to add to the growing list. 

Petri Spies removed his Ford's lock pins and glued on a 10 cent coin

Petri Spies removed his Ford’s pins and glued on a 10 cent coin. Source: Facebook.

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