Charles and Diana
Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorced in 1996.
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  • The fourth season of "The Crown" explores Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship, including his affair with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.
  • The new season reignited the controversy surrounding the affair and created a new generation of Diana lovers. 
  • Fans have been showing their love for Princess Diana by trolling Charles and Camilla's royal social-media accounts.
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Last week, Netflix dropped season four of "The Crown," which documents the lives of the British royal family under Queen Elizabeth II's reign — including the controversies they have faced throughout her time as Queen. 

Much of season four focused on Prince Charles' relationship with Princess Diana, including his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, who would later become his second wife and the Duchess of Cornwall. 

The prince's relationship with Camilla ultimately led to his and Diana's divorce in 1996.

Camilla and Charles faced years of backlash because of their affair, and they even had to apologise for their behaviour at their wedding before they could officially tie the knot. 

Despite the dramatic way their relationship formed, the public seemed to have gotten used to the couple in recent years.

However, the latest season of "The Crown" reignited people's animosity toward the couple and created an entirely new generation of Princess Diana fans, as recent activity on social media demonstrates.

People are leaving pro-Diana comments on royal Instagram posts

Fans of Princess Diana have been showing their support for the late royal by commenting on Instagram posts of the Duchess of Cornwall on the official accounts for the royal family and Clarence House. 

Both accounts posted a photo of Camilla working on the Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition on Friday. 

The comments section on each post is currently filled with messages of support for Diana.

Many of the comments were simply "Diana" with the heart emoji, though some wrote messages that more explicitly critiqued Camilla. 

"Diana is the real MVP," one user wrote, while another wrote "Don't like her" in reference to Camilla.

"Please.... no one cares about Camilla," one disgruntled Diana lover wrote under the photo. 

People are commenting pro-Diana messages on royal social-media accounts.

Thousands of comments mentioned the late princess on both posts.

Some fans of Camilla and Charles left comments defending the couple, telling people to leave them alone. 

"One thing I don't understand is, if you don't like Charles and Camilla, why do you follow them on here, unless it is because you want to be nasty #bekind," one follower wrote in the comments section of the Clarence House's post

However, the vast majority of the comments celebrated Diana, with few and far between defending Charles and Camilla. 

Although viewers are taking everything that happens on 'The Crown' as fact, the show isn't entirely accurate

"The Crown" is designed to provide an inside look at the royal family, but it doesn't get everything right, including Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship. 

Hugo Vickers, royal historian and author of "'The Crown' Dissected," told Insider's Mikhaila Friel that "the way this series portrays their relationship, you have Charles as a kind of wimp, and evil and unpleasant, shouting at his wife and things like that."

"We never get her massive tantrums, and the things that she did that he had to put up with. It's entirely one-sided," he added. "Charles really did make a huge effort in the early days to accommodate her." 

Royal experts think "The Crown" is one-sided.
Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

In addition, the royal family has never given "The Crown" its seal approval, as The Guardian pointed out, so it's impossible to say if the intimate conversations presented on the show are true to life. 

However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did sign their own production deal with Netflix, which some criticised as his compliance and approval of the critical view of the royal family the show often presents. 

Representatives for Clarence House, Buckingham Palace, and Netflix did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment. 

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